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Want to update your garage, basement, or other living spaces in your home? Our concrete polishing service transforms your existing concrete from dull, bland, and dusty to high-gloss perfection. As one of the leading concrete floor polishing contractors in Alexandria, Virginia, we have decades of experience performing concrete polishing to get just the look you want.

Whether you want to keep the original concrete look but with a mirror-like shine or you want something that makes a statement, like richly colored stained high-gloss concrete or a beautiful multi-color effect with a matte finish, we can make it happen.

Polished Concrete Garage Floors

Want an economical solution to update the look and function of your garage? Look no further than polished concrete in Alexandria, Virginia.

Polished Concrete Garage

A polished concrete garage floor can maintain the normal look of concrete with a mirror finish or it can be stained to give it a completely new, fun look. Depending on the style you want, we can polish your concrete to your chosen level of gloss ranging from no sheen with a flat appearance to satin, semi-polished, and high polish which has a mirror-like appearance and even looks wet. A polished concrete garage can transform your dusty, old garage into a beautiful finished space that’s easy to sweep and mop.

Polished Concrete Basement Floors

If you have a full or partial basement, you can transform it into comfortable living space with polished concrete in Alexandria, VA.

Finishing your basement ranks just behind bathroom and kitchen remodels when it comes to a maximum return on investment. It’s even possible to get back more than you put into your remodel when you choose an economical, hardworking, and attractive solution like concrete polishing service.
A polished concrete floor is a practical solution for any basement. It creates a high-gloss yet hard surface for less cleaning and a clean, modern look. We can stain and finish the concrete with a low to very high sheen to achieve the look you want and match your style. Stained and polished concrete can be a very rustic look or it can be modern and trendy depending on the style you choose. It holds up against pet claws and accidents, spills, dropped objects, and even basement floods without damage. Residential polished concrete floors can even be dressed up easily with area rugs to create a chic, comfortable living space.

Polished Concrete Basement Floors

Why Choose Residential Polished Concrete Floors?

Polished concrete may seem like a strange concept for residential floors but it’s quickly becoming popular throughout Virginia. Homeowners turn to polished concrete in Alexandria for its durability, low maintenance finish, affordability, and unique appearance. It can be perfect in an industrial kitchen, rustic living room, or sleek walk-out basement. Not sold on the idea of residential polished concrete floors in Alexandria? Here’s why homeowners love this economical floor system.

Damage Resistant

Damage Resistant

Want a floor system that can hold up to whatever you throw at it? A polished concrete basement floor can resist all types of damage, including pets, spills, water, and dropped objects. The polishing process densifies and seals your existing concrete floor for a durable and strong surface that’s not porous like untreated concrete.

Cost-Effective Flooring

Cost-Effective Flooring

Polished concrete is an economical solution that uses your existing slab-on-grade to create a finished floor system. No new floor covering is required with a low upfront cost and very little maintenance required. You can also say goodbye to replacing water-damaged carpet and moldy grout if your basement suffers water intrusion.


Low Maintenance

Homeowners love that a polished concrete floor in Alexandria requires very little care or effort to maintain its clean, high-gloss finish. There’s no need to wax or polish the floor. It doesn’t need to be sealed or refinished like wood flooring. It won’t stain and accumulate debris and allergens like carpet.

Reflective Surface

Reflective Surface

Want to brighten your basement or other living space? Polished concrete has a highly reflective surface that visibly brightens even a dark basement. This reduces the need for additional lighting in your basement while giving your space a clean, inviting appearance.

Finish and Color Options

Finish and Color Options

Achieve just the look you’re going for in your garage, basement, or living space. Polished concrete doesn’t need to retain the concrete look with a smooth, shiny finish. The sheen level of your floor is highly customizable with a look ranging from matte or no shine to high gloss with a mirror-like finish. We can also incorporate stains and other techniques to mimic the look of other materials or achieve a high-end terrazzo appearance.

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Questions about polished concrete floors in Alexandria? Curious about the installation process or how long your floor should last? We are just a call away! Until we hear from you, we hope these commonly asked questions help address any concerns you have.

Why polish concrete?

Polished concrete is an economical alternative to costly floor coverings like ceramic tile or natural stone. It can even be used to achieve a high-end look that’s even easier to maintain. Polished concrete has a long life that exceeds most other floor systems and it does not require installing a new flooring system; it makes use of your existing concrete slab. With stains, it can be a beautiful addition to any basement, garage, or living space that withstands even heavy use, pets, spills, and dropped objects with ease.

How is concrete polished?
Concrete is polished in several stages. To achieve a beautiful polished concrete floor in Alexandria, Virginia, we combine chemical treatments and diamond grinding with polishing and honing in stages to create a mirror-like finish on your floor. We use industrial grinding equipment to grind the concrete to open its pores. With several passes over the concrete with successively finer products, we continue until the finish you want is achieved. Stains can be added to the concrete along with a protective finish to get a beautiful and long-lasting surface.
Are concrete floors prone to cracking?
All concrete cracks, including untreated, polished, and coated concrete. Concrete slabs crack during the initial curing stage and over time as the concrete contracts and expands. Still, there are many ways to reduce cracks in the concrete floor, control where the cracks occur, and draw attention away from minor cracks.
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