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Patio pavers in Alexandria, VA add rich color and texture that’s both elegant and warm. Because paver patios are installed with individual pieces, we can achieve creative designs, graceful curves, and interesting borders that simply aren’t possible with other materials. If you’re ready to add new appeal to your backyard with custom paver patio installation, we can help. Our team of experienced paver patio contractors can help you design the patio of your dreams to expand your outdoor living space.

Whether you want something simple and understated or an expansive outdoor living space with multiple areas and unique features, we can bring it to life.


Brick, stone, and concrete patio pavers are versatile building materials that can be used to achieve any look you’re going for. From simple rectangular patios to outdoor kitchens and fire pits, anything is possible. Here are some of the unique outdoor accessories and looks we can achieve with patio pavers in Alexandria, VA.


Pergola stone bases. Want to incorporate a beautiful pergola over your stone patio pavers? We can build coordinating stone bases or columns to support the pergola.

Seating walls. A seating wall with built-in columns is a great compliment to your paver patio that gives you the sense of a beautiful stone enclosure with extra seating. These patio walls can even be used to add lighting, a raised garden bed, or water feature.

Steps. Don’t settle for wood steps to your back door or French doors that will rot over time and require maintenance. Paver stone steps can be incorporated into your patio for an elegant focal point.

Fire pits and fireplaces. Incorporate a backyard fire pit or even a fireplace with patio pavers to add a new space for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family.

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Whether you choose concrete, brick, or stone patio pavers, you can enjoy a long-lasting patio that’s easy to maintain. Our beautiful paver patio solutions come with many benefits, especially when compared to alternatives like wood decking, composite decking, and even stamped concrete. Not sure if patio pavers in Alexandria, Virginia are the right choice for your new patio or outdoor living space? Consider these perks.


Get the precise patio you want with endless options in terms of color, texture, shape, style, and pattern. We can create round patios, elegant curves, integrated seating walls and fire pits, and much more with patio pavers. We can also use your favorite color and material and install the pavers in the pattern of your choice like running bond, herringbone, and European fan. ,/P>


If you are installing your new patio around a pool or spa or an area prone to dampness and shade, your patio will resist mildew and mold growth to maintain its clean appearance.


You can choose the texture of your paver patio whether you like the roughness of brick or want something smoother. Regardless of your choice, patio pavers in Alexandria are a slip-resistant patio option that’s actually comfortable for bare feet.


When you invest in a custom patio for your home, you want to be sure it’s going to last. Our patio pavers can last decades with very little care. If pavers do become damaged or crack, repairing your patio is as easy as removing the damaged pavers and replacing them. Unlike wood decks, concrete patio pavers aren’t vulnerable to splinters and wood rot and they won’t require sealers and stains.


A patio paver can easily expand your outdoor living space and give you a beautiful retreat for entertaining or unwinding after a busy day. You can be sure that patio pavers will boost your home’s curb appeal and style. Patio pavers have been used for centuries and are always in demand to give you a great return on investment, too.


Questions about installing patio pavers in Alexandria, VA? Curious about your options? Here are some questions we often here from homeowners but please reach out if you have additional questions or concerns!

Can you install pavers over concrete patios?
Yes! In fact, it’s easy to install pavers over an existing concrete slab than laying pavers in the traditional way because there is already a good foundation. An existing concrete and paver patio is more affordable than a new paver patio and it can hide an aging concrete slab or dress up a bland, gray slab. The only drawback to this solution is installing patio pavers over concrete patios in Alexandria, VA will add height to your patio. If you have door thresholds around the patio, they must be high enough to allow for the thickness of the new pavers plus an extra 3/4″ when the slab rises as the soil freezes in winter.
How long do pavers last?
With very little care, a paver patio can last for decades with ease. The pavers themselves are hard to damage and resist stains, impact damage, and more. If individual pavers are damaged, the damaged pavers can be easily spot replaced. The only maintenance you really need to worry about is adding sand to the joints every few years, although using polymer sand during installation can eliminate even this maintenance. If pavers do settle in spots over the years, they can be reset with no patchwork that is noticeable.
What are the different paver types that I can use?
There are three primary types of pavers you can choose from when designing your paver patio:
— Brick paver patios. If you want the traditional charm and timeless style of brick, it’s hard to beat a brick patio. Brick pavers cost more than concrete and they have limited color options but they can be the ideal solution for a brick home, for example. Brick can also last for generations, much like stone.
— Stone paver patios. Love the look of a natural stone patio? This timeless option can be used to create a natural look that blends seamlessly with your landscaping. We can install stone patio pavers in a regular pattern like running bond or a random pattern. You can also combine natural stone with manmade pavers like concrete. Stone pavers are quarried, not made from a mold, with a great deal of variation in size, color and texture. You can also choose different types of stones like bluestone, cobblestone, and travertine.
— Concrete patio pavers. Concrete pavers are the most economical solution. They also offer the widest variety of colors and textures because they are manmade and can be stained and imprinted during manufacturing. Despite these benefits and the fact that concrete can hold up to vehicle traffic, unlike brick, it has a shorter lifespan than brick at just a few decades.
How long does it take to install pavers?
This will depend on the size of your project and the amount of prep work that needs to be done. Laying pavers in the traditional way takes more time than installing patio pavers over an existing concrete slab, for example. As a general rule, your project can be completed in as little as 1-3 days once installation begins.
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